Codekindy introduces children to the basics of programming and teaches them technological thinking in playful workshops, without a screen.


Computational thinking encompasses a range of skills with which we design digital tools. Each workshop unit is designed to promote multiple cognitive skills while maintaining children’s concentration through movement and narrative elements. No prior programming knowledge is required.

The materials for pre-school and early school children can easily be used in kindergartens and schools without programming knowledge. In a playful way, the independent units offer an easy introduction to the subject.


LEARNING COMPUTational thinking


The children are introduced to the principles of programming in a playful way.

Where do I begin?

Bundles for kindergarten and school


First steps

These four workshops are the perfect introduction and are suitable for all those who would like to start with one or two initial lessons.

Main Skills

The most important workshops are bundled here for all those who want to get into the subject more intensively. You have to bring some more time with you and you can spread the workshops over several dates.

Quick & Easy

You just want to take a look and don't have so much time for each workshop? Then these workshops are perfect for the start.

What is computational thinking?

Learn more about these skills.

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