The workshops are designed in such a way that a layperson without programming knowledge can teach the units.

Codekindy consists of a collection of playful exercises that function independently of each other and each convey different skills of computational thinking. The workshops for five- to nine-year-old children are designed in such a way that even a computer amateur can carry out the units. A detailed script makes it easier for the teacher to explain the lessons to the children.


Our workshops are designed for kindergartens and schools and do not require digital aids. The playful tasks, embedded in a narrative strand, vividly convey the basic concepts of computational thinking to the children.


The skills we humans use in developing digital tools are called computational thinking. They are fundamental knowledge of the future. Consisting of coding concepts from computer science, they are supplemented by instructions for action as well as methods and perspectives that are necessary for the handling and conception of digital tools.


The workshops function independently of each other and teach different concepts and principles of computational thinking. Based on the information on duration, scope, group size and recommended age, the workshops can also be selected according to practical criteria. All materials and templates are available for download in PDF format.

of computational thinking

Basic skills
to design digital tools

Pattern Location
Algorithm Design
Security and Encryption
Communication, Simplicity and Predictability
Prototyping, Testing and Debugging
Creation and Making
Material and digital

More about
computational thinking

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