Codekindy’s workshops teach computational thinking in a playful way and offer an easy introduction to the topic. The children learn vividly what programming means.

Which principles of computational thinking are these?

Coding concepts
Reduction and translation of complex processes in principles and rules.
Dividing large tasks into sizeable parts that are easier to handle. Modular structure, sequence, selection and repetition.
Pattern Location
Identify differences, similarities, trends and regularities and derive rules from them.
Algorithm Design
Development of step-by-step instructions for a system to solve an existing and a similar problem; searching and sorting, repetition and automation, recursion.
Definition of data structures, data models and data properties, collection and analysis of data.
Instructions for action, methods & perspectives
Security and Encryption
Concepts of data encryption and handling data in a responsible manner; security of digital tools.
Communication, Simplicity and Predictability
Formulate precise instructions and reduce them to a minimum, predict results.
Prototyping, Testing and Debugging
Design and develop interactive applications, test and troubleshoot problems, improve and repair.
Creation and Making
Computing as a creative tool for solving real live problems; understanding the needs of users.
Material and digital
The interaction of hardware, software and data storage.
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